BEF High Jewellery was founded in 1975. It is a family business. It consists of the capital letters of family members names: Bahruz, Elchin and Fazil.

BEF High Jewellery deals with the most prestigious Swiss and Italy brands like Dewitt, Romain Jerome, Sarcar, Porsche, Corum, Chronoswiss, Staurino, Nouvella Bague, Grivelli, Giovanni Ferraris, Gavello, Stefan Hafner, Salvini, IOSI, Novecentonovantanove, Baraka, K Di Kuore and etc. Since the foundation it has strived to attract our customers attention. BEF High Jewellery incorporates pure, elegant design and conveys delicate feelings and great impression. İts jewels are different for their sophisticated style and originality and they suggest a sense of lightness and luminosity that enhances femininity in women of all ages. It is a place where every woman can feel like a woman!

Feel Confident and Look Incredibly Stylish Now. BEF High Jewellery is every woman’s dream!

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