The Spanish Mayoral company that started functioning in 1941 is among the world’s biggest kids wear brands.

Since its opening, the company has been continuously developing and obtained a broad dealer network worldwide. Its production is exported to over 40 countries. Meanwhile, the company continues expansion by opening shops in every part of the world.

Its production ranges from underwear and swimming suits and socks to outer garments for children below 16. Therefore, if you like this brand, you can choose Mayoral for your kid, because this company produces garments for all occasions, including casual, sporty, classic and evening styles.
The company offers optimal combination of price, quality, comfort and fashion. While many other brands focus just on the first two factors, Mayoral’s production is not only high-quality and affordable but also comfortable and fashionable. The company designers create the thought-out, unique samples while focusing on world’s traditions of fashion in each collection.

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