So, first Cinnabon was started in 1985, when father and son Rich and Greg Komen from Seattle, USA Washington State, made “the WORLD’S BEST CINNAMON ROLL”. They hired the best technologists, hold hundreds of experiments and made many trips all around the world to find the best ingredients. And after a long lasted researches they created formula of magic taste of Cinnabon consisted of best and unique ingredients from all over the world. The most flavored Makara Cinnamon is grown especially for CINNABON in the mountains of Indonesia.

The first bakery began by serving only classic Cinnamon roll – the same which you can taste in any of our bakeries operating all over the world. In 1988 CINNABON expanded it menu with Minibon. Actually you also can taste our well known Chocobon (a classic cinnamon roll with chocolate), Pecanbon (with caramel and pecan), Cinnabon Bites (bite-sized mini pastry), Cinnabon Stix (puff pastry) and special seasonal offers, our special beverages Chillata, Mochallata, Cinnamon Frappe and others as well.

Restaurant: (012) 499 87 66
Central office: (012) 511 99 95